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Young Professional Fellowship Canada 2024

FULLY FUNDED 2024 Young Professional Fellowship in Canada is a prestigious Organization by the MPAS (Mentor Amiable Professional Society ), Which goal is to polishing the leaderships and skills of youth below 40 years.
The Program focus on bringing together cultural diversities, with Numerous ethnicities, and Religious Harmonies, Building citizens with an Uplift sense of responsibility and high personalities.

The world Recently has been battling with major changes in its educational, economic, and social domains where new trends have been taking over to change the course of lives.
In this journey of globalization, Individuals around the Globe have been playing a dual role of generating new shifts and adapting to them simultaneously.
From Environmental challenges to its policy Decisions, individuals has a role to play in every field.
However, mentoring and training needs to be pass to the youths to help equip them with practical skills and leaderships abilities so they would represent World Peace in the future and confident enough to share their efforts in strategizing and solving the world challenges.
Additionally to that, the values of tolerance and respect towards other identities need to be thought in their young minds so they will be a generation to believe in welcoming Diversities. rather than Expanding differences.
Today’s era is a true depiction of Tragedy of the Commons, collective exploitation of World’s
“Young Professional Fellowship 2024 Program” is an active initiative by MAPS to help resolve global issues by inviting audiences from around the world and providing them with a professionally organized platform for that. After its successful recent conduction in Nepal, MAPS is extending YPF westwards, by launching “Young Professional Fellowship Canada 2024”, which will be an event of long lasting positive impact, socialization and resolution of World issues.

Curious to learn more about MAPS Young Professional Fellowships & its worldwide achievements?


Benefits of Young Professional Fellowship Canada 2024


Benefits of VII-Young Professional Fellowship Canada 2024?

15 Fully Funded sponsorship, 25 Partial Funded sponsorship, and 110 individual Funded Seats
Gala night Celebration
Flight Transportation Fees only made For Fully funded
Free Accommodation For both Fully/Partial funded only
Visa Assistance
Opportunity to interact with Global Leaders
Meet with like-minded young social entrepreneurs
Impacts connectivity on UN SDGs
Diplomatic Experience and Interaction
Aim group discussions
Group Fun activities
Awards & Certifications given upon completing
Signatory campaign
Cultural Diversities Presentation

Eligibility and Deadline for Application Submit

Deadlines to Note:
Application Deadline: 5th Nov, 2023

Results Announcements : Nov 15th, 2023

Deadline to Confirm Enrollment: Nov 25th, 2023

Young Professional Fellowship Canada holds on: Feb 20th-23rd, 2024
Contact Young professional Fellowship for application:
If you have any query please email us at fellowship@maps.org.pk or reach us at WhatsApp: +92 301 6754477



Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability:

Discuss the regional impacts of climate change on different ecosystems and communities.
Explore collaborative strategies for countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change effects.
Highlight the importance of transitioning to sustainable energy sources and share successful case studies.
Poverty Eradication and Social Mobility:

Discuss proven strategies for eradicating poverty and improving social mobility.
Explore the role of education, healthcare, and social safety nets in breaking the cycle of poverty.
Highlight success stories from different regions that have effectively lifted people out of poverty.
Human Rights and Inclusivity:

Focus on the promotion and protection of human rights for all individuals, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or beliefs.
Address specific challenges related to discrimination, inequality, and access to justice.
Share initiatives and policies that have successfully advanced human rights on a global scale.
Mental Health Awareness and Stigma Reduction:

Discuss the importance of mental health awareness and the impact of stigma on individuals and communities.
Share strategies for promoting mental health education and support services globally.
Highlight successful campaigns and programs aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

FAQS ABOUT THE 2024 young Professional fellowship

1. How many seats are available for the Young Professional Fellowship?

There will be 150 seats in total. It will be broken into three categories: Fully Funded, Partially Funded and Self-funded.

There will be 15 Fully Funded spots, 25 Partially Funded spots, and 110 Self Funded spots.

The placement of applicants into such categories is at the discretion of the MAPS selection committee and based on the participants’ application, social experience, and leadership.

2. What does Fully Funded, Partially Funded, and Self Funded mean?

i. Fully funded applicants will be provided an Air-Ticket (An amount will be specified for reimbursement), Accommodation, Certificate, Meals (Breakfast or Lunch), Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

ii. Partially funded applicants will be provided Accommodation,Certificate, Meals (Breakfast and Lunch), Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

iii. Self-funded applicants will buy our delegate package (Full Experience/Half Experience) and will be provided equal privileges including Certificate, Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

3. What is the application fee for the delegate? Is the application fee refundable? Do I still have to pay the application fee if I qualify for a fully funded spot?

The application processing fee is 30$ only, it is Mandatory & Not Refundable under any circumstance and applies on all defined categories.

4.What if I do not have a passport?

It is highly recommended that all applicants hold a valid passport in order to travel. But, you can apply by attaching your National ID in the passport section and purchase a passport until results are announced. Your privacy is our top priority and all the details will be safe and secure with MAPS.


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