Best Way To Travel On a Student Budget

Are you a student looking to have a little adventure to satisfy your wanderlust but not sure if you can travel on a student budget? If you are wondering if you can afford a ticket to the other side of the world, where you can enjoy the beach and the sun while sipping wine, don’t worry. You aren’t the only one. 


There are a lot of students trying to figure out how they can balance their limited budgets with their desire to travel. 


So, back to the question: How do you travel on a student budget? We have a few tips that can help you travel as a student and see the world without breaking the bank.

Plan and budget ahead

Nothing beats good planning, and for this trip, you are going to need a lot of planning. The better your plan, the more your chances of saving money. It is also an important part of travelling with a student budget.


Start by learning all you can about the location you want to travel to. By learning more about your destination, you will know how much you have to budget for the trip. This is because, depending on the location, some places are a little more pricy than others.


Set your budget to cover important areas of your trip, like your accommodation, transportation, food, and some other charges that you may incur during your trip. When planning your budget, you should really try to be honest about the areas you will be spending money on and what you can afford. Try to stick to what is most important to you to avoid overspending. 

Plan your trip with a friend

There is a saying that two heads are better than one. When it comes to travelling on a student budget, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You will find that everything goes easier when you have a friend along; you get double the fun and someone to share it with.


Talk to your friends about your travel plans and see if any of them are interested in joining you on the trip. Sure, you will always find one or two—you never know.


Together, you can both arrange the budget and plan the trip together. That way, you can also split some of the bills, like the accommodation; after all, you two can stay in the same hotel room. Now that saves you some more in spending.

Go visit a uni friend

If you have some uni friends—probably ones you used to know—staying in the area you are planning to travel to, now will be a good time to go visit them. During your trip, you can stay over at their place, saving you a lot on accommodation. A plus to this is also that you get your personal tour guide—another win. So why not catch up with them and let them know about your plan to visit their city?

Other options to consider besides a hotel

There’s no need to panic if you don’t have friends staying in the destination you are planning to travel to. There are several options for you to choose from that will fit your student travel budget.


One of them is Airbnb and other home-sharing apps. Using this option, you can easily find accommodation at a cheap rate, which is also a great option if you have got a friend along for the trip.


You should also check out the local hostel; there are good choices to keep your spending within your budget. Plus, you also get a look at how the locals live.

If you are going to be flying, get the student discounts

If you are a student or below 26, there are a lot of airlines that offer student discounts. You can take advantage of these; after all, you could really use the change. Airlines like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Lufthansa, IndiGo, etc. offer student discounts, making your flight a lot cheaper.


So before you travel, find out if the airline you are choosing offers a student discount. Each airline has its own discount package, so find the one that suits you. You can also talk to your travel agent and find out which other discounts you can take advantage of during your flight.

Don’t be afraid to try public transportation

During your trip, you should also try public transportation. You will find they are a cheaper option in terms of transportation and a great way to travel on your student budget.


Why rent a car to go around the city and explore the sights when you can just hop on the bus or a taxi? You can take advantage of the citywide bike sharing if you are going on a short journey; it will really save you a lot, and it is fun. And you were here for fun.


If you are going to be visiting multiple locations and attractions around the city, you will find that using the subway or the bus for your trip will put some cash back in your wallet.

Eat like a local

The area of food is another area that you need to work on when you travel on a student budget. When you eat like the locals, you find that you save a lot of money while enjoying all the unique flavors that come with the trip.


You can try out the local markets and street food vendors around to get a quick and tasty meal. However, they may not have so many varieties for you to choose from, but they have a great understanding of the local dishes and offer delicious meals at an affordable rate.


Stay within your budget, and maybe instead of going to all those touristy restaurants that tend to be a little on the high end in terms of cost, you can instead just take a trip to the neighborhood and savor the tantalizing local flavor at a reasonable price.


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