The real truth about Space travel and Aliens


Space travel has been an object of fascination and wonder for decades. The Apollo program, the Space Shuttle program, and even Virgin Galactic have done their best to make space travel a reality for everyone. But what if I told you that aliens have already visited Earth? What if I told you that there’s evidence of contact between humans and aliens going back hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands? Would you believe me? Well, let’s see…

NASA scientists have admitted aliens exist

You may have heard that NASA scientists have admitted that aliens exist, but you might be wondering how they could possibly know this. The answer is simple: if they didn’t believe it, why would they keep searching for them?

NASA scientists have also admitted that aliens are visiting Earth—and not just from our own planet! You see, NASA believes there’s a type of alien known as an “astronaut” or “cosmonaut,” which means “space traveler.” These extraterrestrials can be found all over the universe and beyond. They enjoy exploring new worlds and meeting new people—just like you do when you travel around Earth! You might even run into one on your next trip to the beach!

In addition to astronauts or cosmonauts being among us here in our own solar system (the sun), there are also other types of aliens living here on Earth within our atmosphere. And this isn’t just some far-fetched conspiracy theory; it’s been confirmed by NASA itself! In fact, according to their findings, these atmospheric lifeforms may actually be responsible for global warming trends over time because they emit large amounts of greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere during certain times each day while others don’t emit anything at all (which means these creatures must breathe oxygen like humans).

Finally there are even more kinds of extraterrestrial creatures who live both above AND below sea level…so maybe those stories about mermaids aren’t so farfetched after all? Maybe someday soon we’ll find evidence suggesting otherwise too–but until then let me just say one thing: Happy hunting 🙂

There are three species of aliens: Grays, Reptilians and Nordics

Source: Humon Comics

To begin with, you need to know that there are many different types of alien humanoids. For example, the Grays are grey-skinned, large-headed, and large-eyed aliens who were once thought to be benign creatures by some people. The Reptilians are lizard-like aliens with scales and scaly skin, which is another type of alien humanoid that you might find interesting. Finally, there’s the Nordic race, which is tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and is considered one of the most beautiful types on earth today!

The US Air Force has a secret anti-UFO air defense system called Project Blue Book

“The truth is out there.”

That’s the tagline of the TV series The X-Files, which follows agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they investigate paranormal phenomena. The show premiered in 1993, but UFO sightings have been recorded since ancient times. One of the more famous cases happened in 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to see nine UFOs flying near Mount Rainier. This event sparked a wave of reports from people who claimed to have seen flying saucers or other strange objects in the sky—including several US military personnel.

In response to these events, on December 30th 1948 Project Sign was created by Air Force Regulation 200-2 “Unidentified Flying Objects” (AFR 200-2) and then renamed Project Grudge in 1952 before being renamed once again as Project Blue Book under AFR 200-2 on March 13th 1951 following an executive order issued by President Harry Truman in July 1952 that called for all government agencies that were involved with UFOs to report them directly back through one central agency rather than piecemeal through each individual department like it had been done previously – thus establishing what would become known as “the secrecy” surrounding this entire topic which continues even today although we are getting closer every day towards finally learning more about our place within this vast universe around us thanks to such projects such as NASA’s New Horizons mission launched way back on January 19th 2006 which recently made history when it reached Pluto after traveling 9 years!

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A highly source says the US Government is covering up a fleet of crashed UFOs in Nevada’s top-secret Area 51 facility

Area 51 is an infamous US military facility located in Nevada, and it’s a popular subject among conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts. In fact, the CIA released declassified documents in 2013 that admitted the existence of Area 51 and officially acknowledged its use as an aviation testing site.


The US government has been covering up crashed UFOs held at the secret facility, according to one highly credible source—a whistleblower who had worked at Area 51 for many years before becoming ill with cancer caused by exposure to radiation. The whistleblower said he saw evidence that multiple spacecraft have crashed over time on Earth—including some that contained alien bodies or corpses from other planets.

The whistleblower also claims there’s another space vessel sitting at Area 51 that hasn’t been officially disclosed yet: a ship discovered by NASA during its Apollo missions back in 1961. After returning from their mission to the moon, astronauts found this spacecraft near where they landed; however, due to a lack of time and resources available for research purposes back then (the 1960s), NASA decided not to disclose this discovery until now, when technology has advanced enough so as not to hinder future discoveries regarding extraterrestrial life forms or other planets within our solar system…

Aliens have contacted humans several times in recent history

Aliens have contacted humans several times in recent history. Many of these encounters are well documented by governments and other groups. They have visited Earth many times and have been here for thousands of years. The most famous contact is the Roswell incident in 1947, but there are also many other stories that you may not know about. In 1952, an alien craft landed on a hillside near a town called Socorro, New Mexico. Several police officers saw this landing occur and even approached the ship to investigate it closer after they thought it was a crashed aircraft! Three men came out of the craft who appeared to be humans, although they had strange features such as large eyes and thin lips like those of reptiles on Earth today! The three men gave orders to leave them alone and then left shortly afterwards into their spacecraft which took off soon after leaving behind some debris from its landing site.”

NASA astronauts photographed mysterious objects on the moon, but they were kept secret to avoid public panic

On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission landed on the moon for the first time in history. The astronauts made a total of six moon landings from 1969 to 1972, but not all of them were successful. In fact, there’s a lot that has been kept secret about space travel and aliens…

In 1970, some NASA astronauts photographed mysterious objects on the moon with their cameras and took pictures of them. The pictures were kept secret by NASA because they didn’t want people to panic if they saw what was actually happening up there!

The objects were described as being shaped like a boomerang or in the shape of a V; they were photographed by astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins during their missions as they explored this alien world!

The Earth could be home to more than 1 trillion alien civilizations

In the vastness of space, it’s quite likely that there are other planets out there where intelligent life has developed. In fact, some estimates suggest there could be more than 1 trillion alien civilizations in our galaxy alone. To be clear: That’s not a trillion people on Earth—that’s a trillion civilizations that have evolved and survived long enough to develop technology and send out signals into space.

It’s also possible that some of these civilizations exist at such distances from us that we couldn’t see them with our most powerful telescopes even if we had them—not even if they were right next door! And when you consider how many galaxies there are in the universe (an estimated 200–400 billion), along with their trillions upon trillions of stars, it becomes clear just how many ways intelligent life could exist without us ever finding it here on Earth.

We shouldn’t believe everything that we hear.

The truth is that we should be skeptical, especially when it comes to something as important as what we hear. We should ask people if they actually know what they’re talking about, and check their sources just in case. We all have biases, but one of the best ways to get past them is by asking questions and being critical of the information you receive from others.

The truth is out there, but we don’t know what it is yet.


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